Terms and Conditions
1 from the date of purchase, free is guaranteed for one year (including manual, parts).
2 this warranty does not include: frame, shell, panel, surface net, laser pickup, pickup, vinyl records of the stylus, antenna, wiring, remote control and so on.If
3 products because of the accident, neglect, careless use or input voltage is not appropriate and cause damage to persons don´t guarantee.
4 products by the non technicians of the company repair, adjusted, tamper lines, the use of non original parts, the warranty instant failure.
5 this warranty does not include transportation costs, packaging costs, if the door repairs, the cost of another.
6 serial number alter or scrape, guaranteed for instant failure.
7 the warranty does not include voltage, frequency change.
8 products for commercial purposes, is guaranteed for instant failure.
9 the goods beyond the warranty period, the amount of back filled artificial, parts costs.


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