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Creek products are designed by Mike Creek and a team of electronic engineers, who employ the latest CAD technology and sophisticated test equipment to achieve the innovative and astute designs with which Creek is associated.

The first Creek amplifier, the £99 CAS4040, was launched on the UK market in 1982 and created somewhat mixed response. Praise for its sound quality was tempered with disbelief that a fledgling British Hi-Fi company could be successful taking on the established brands and undercutting their prices. However, what was not realised by the reviewer of the first Creek amplifier was that Michael Creek already had a long experience in the audio industry.

A new company – Creek Audio Ltd – was formed and new products were designed. Creek Audio´s sales and R&D department moved back to its original office facility in north London. However, since most of the people skilled in making Creek products over the years were now in the county of Hampshire, Creek Audio Ltd initially employed a group of ex-Creek employees who left TGI. The products were manufactured in a small facility near Havant. The first products, launched in 1993, were a 40 Watt integrated amplifier, the 4240 – a 50 Watt Power amplifier, the A42 together with the P42 Pre-Amplifier. The CD42 CD player took longer to develop and went into production in 1995.

During 2000 the 5250 and 5250SE integrated amplifiers were phased out. These products had been winners of several awards, particularly in Germany. The 5350 and 5350SE integrated amplifiers were introduced, immediately receiving high acclaim. In the same year the CD43 CD player was phased out and replaced by the CD43 Mk2, a product awarded 5 stars by both What Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Choice. The 4330R and 4330SE integrated amplifiers were updated to the Mk2 versions featuring full short circuit protection. At the same time the A43 amplifier was updated to the Mk2 model.

2001 saw the introduction of the all new CD53 CD player, a product which scored a 5 star review in What Hi-Fi, Gramophone and Hi-Fi Choice. At the same time the CD43 Mk2 was announced the winner of the Diapason D´Or CD Player of the Year. Through 2001 the A52 and A52SE amplifiers were phased out as was the OBH.14 DAC.

2002 began well at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the company receiving the 2000/2001 Stereophile Component of the Year Award for the 5350SE integrated amplifier. It was during this year that planning began for the 43 series replacements.

In 2003 the 50 series was released displaying the all new Creek design. Gone was the familiar black and green look, replaced by a solid 10mm brushed silver anodised aluminium front panel. The new sleek styling not only made the 50 series highly desirable, but ensured any of these products could be used with 53 series models, as both product lines shared a similar styling. The company still produced its products with the older style front panel to order – for those long time owners of Creek products wanting to upgrade just one component. The 50 series range incorporating two integrated amplifiers, a tuner and a CD player have all gone on to be highly praised globally, some receiving awards for their outstanding performance.

2005 saw the introduction of the first of Creek´s Classic range – the Classic 5350SE Integrated Amplifier. This was followed by Creek´s most ambitious development in its 23 year history – the Destiny Integrated Amplifier and Destiny CD Player. One year later a power amplifier was added to the Destiny products together with high quality dedicated plug in boards for either MM or MC cartridges.

As a direct consequence of the acceptance and extraordinary success of both the Destiny and Evolution ranges, demand for Creek´s Classic products started to wane. Production of this series was therefore discontinued in 2007/08. Creek remained true to the 2 channel market, not being tempted to venture into multi channel. As a consequence it was inevitable that Mike would develop a turntable. He had long held the view that vinyl reproduction is important to Hi-Fi reproduction. As his company had produced a popular range of affordable, stand-alone phono stages able to extract high-quality signals from vinyl discs, it was logical that a turntable would follow. Named in memory of his late father´s company Wyndsor Recording, Creek´s Wyndsor turntable was released in 2007.

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