Pathos Acoustics is founded in 1994 by the three Italian pioneers: Gaetano Cocco, Gianni Borinato and Paul Andriolo in the Italian city Vicenza. A sophisticated city in the northern Italy, famous for its great monuments designed by architect Andrea Paladio. The tradition of making something outstanding has continued since the days of Paladio. Today the focus in the area is on metal production, jewelery and fashion. The city breeds innovation and invention just as it did in Paladios days. Pathos combines the past, present and future, making hi-fi jewelery small monuments. Highly technolocial, and with designs and sound that leaves no doubt  these products offers something absolutely unique.

The Pathos story started some ten years ago by a “coinsidence”. Gianni Borinato had an idea of a new amplifier circuit – he asked his two freinds Paolo Andriolo and Gaetano Zanini to help him exploring the opportunites of the topology. They constructed the first prototype and as Gaetano owned a high-end shop in Vicenza, they had optimal possibilities for testing and benchmarking. At first the three pioneers thought that the amplifier they used as reference was broken – but truth was that the new circuit provided outstanding sonic performance right from the very first prototype. There was little doubt  this amplifier was too good not to put in production. In other words, Pathos was born in order to develop and to propagate a new amplification circuit called INPOL (Inseguitore a Pompa Lineare = Linear Pump Tracker). INPOL is Pathos propetiary and the circuit holds a Worldwide Patent.

The PHILOSOPHY that accompanies the Pathos brand, “the unorthodox approach”, effectively created the benchmark of the business philosophy: the Pathos approach to the reproduction of music does not know any dogmas or rules, but the goal is clear : to reproduce music in the most authentically way. To make products similar or equal to existing on the market does not fit with the Pathos philosophy: every machine planned and constructed by Pathos must contain technological innovation, not innovations as technical exercise, but something capable of offering real advantages for the realisation of the original aim ¨faithfully reproduction of music〃.

Beyond the technical innovation, of similar importance comes the design and high finish of the products. For many years it seems to be the idea within the audio business  the more ugly the looks the better the sounds. Pathos prooved them wrong. Pathos products speak to more of your senses  it is some of the very few products that one appreciates every day. One look at a Pathos product confidence the customer, that he/she has purchased some thing unique. Sometimes it is better to listen with the eyes open.

All Pathos products are handcrafted in Vicenza Italy. Following a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Using only the finest hand selected components to ensure a peerless quality. All products are taken through a carefully test-program to guarantee the quality. Unique products deserve unique treatment.

At the moment Pathos is known and appreciated world-wide as a manufacurer of high quality amplifiers. The products has received several international awards and positive feedback from the press. Location has been changed two times within the last ten years to follow the increasing demand. There has been a steady growth and the product range has been expanded. Pathos is in the midst of heavily development which will bring several new products. The INPOL-circuit has been ¨evolutionised〃 and still no-body have come up with a better approach for making amplifiers. The sound is reached the best as possible from the INPOL-circuit.

Pathos does strongly believe in the future and are at the moment building at new factory not a bit bigger than the present one but five times bigger. This will make it possible to do the work seperated. One department specialised for woodworking, another for metal and so on. The laboratory will also be bigger, as Pathos in the future will focus even more on technological innovations. With the new initiataitves ¨The unorthodox approach〃 will keep amazing both ears and eyes. – it is all about passion.

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