At YG Acoustics™ we are unique in utilizing highly advanced proprietary software, developed in-house, for designing our speakers. We are also one of the very few manufacturers to produce in-house our own drivers, cabinets and most other high-precision parts. The depth and breadth of our capabilities allow us to present you, the discerning listener, with speakers that are far more accurate than otherwise achievable.


Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is recognized as one of the most prominent companies in the high-end audio industry, a pioneer whose technical advancements remain unmatched.

We strive to provide the best performance, cutting-edge technology, value, reliability and exceptional customer service. We are here because we make products that we believe in, and we believe in perfection. Dedicated to top-notch craftsmanship and producing life-like sound, creating top-of-the-line speakers is the byproduct of our passion.

Most importantly, we are committed to long-lasting relationships with our customers and music lovers around the world.


Dave Komatz started his journey with YG Acoustics as a lifelong admirer of the audio industry. He brings many years of entrepreneurship and expertise as well as a passion-driven-vision for the future of YG Acoustics.

Dave began his career in commercial property development, moving on to own and manage several operating companies that spanned  manufacturing (Ceara Products), fabrication (Curtis Fluid Power) and Communications Product & Services (CP&S).

Through these experiences, Komatz quickly realized that the excitement of growing a company highly overshadowed the comfort of risk-free employment. When the opportunity came to acquire YG Acoustics and lead a team of incredibly talented and progressive thinking individuals, the decision was simple.

Fueled by a genuine passion for the science and the art, Dave has been at the helm of YG Acoustics since 2017.

Web: www.yg-acoustics.com

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