Von Schweikert Audio has been at the forefront of High-End Audio speaker engineering and manufacturing for more than 30 years. Over this time, our branded designs have earned more than 110 rave product reviews from the world-wide critical press including seven Product of the Year Awards. In fact, most reviews of our systems have received a strong recommendation to buy from the reviewer.

Because VSA is unique from other speaker manufactures in having a Chief Engineer (instead of a “bean counter”) who guides the direction of the corporation, we dedicate far more time and resources to research and engineering rather than marketing. This single-minded focus on achieving sonic perfection has led to many breakthroughs in speaker designs, including Mr. Von Schweikert’s conclusion that a “correctly” designed loudspeaker’s goal is to accurately “decode” the information received by the microphone. In essence, a loudspeaker should work like a microphone in reverse. This fact, coupled with his great understanding of Psychoacoustics (the way the mind interprets sound), has been the foundation of his research.


Von Schweikert Audio’s “sonic mission” has always been to develop speakers that can immerse the listener in a sound-field that is highly similar to a live event. One of our “secret ingredients” is that our speakers are designed to project a “bubble” of sound instead of the more common “beam” of sound. This “sound bubble” is vastly more fun to listen to, as the “sweet spot” becomes the entire room!

Von Schweikert Audio’s design team is well known within the industry and is often commissioned to develop new products or refine existing components for other manufacturers. We have consulted on projects for Lucas Film THX, Apple’s IPod components, MTV Studios, The Bazooka Tube automotive subwoofer, Infinity, JBL and Eggleston speaker designs, among many others.


Accurate audio is not an opinion; it is the quantifiable result of sophisticated laboratory techniques combined with the assessment of live musical events. Side-by-side comparisons of live music versus our speaker-under-development using a listening panel of “golden eared” audiophiles has given us perhaps an unfair advantage over our competitors who do not have our musical background and scientific resources.

An extreme example of our technique was demonstrated at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show. VSA hosted an event using $1,000,000 in equipment including EMM Labs prototype of Sony’s Direct Stream Digital recording equipment to replay The Misty River Band’s live performance recordings through our state-of-the-art stereo system in real time. Thousands of attendees throughout the four days of this event enjoyed the comparison of the acoustic live band versus the sound of our flagship VR-11SE speaker system. No other speaker company before or since has attempted a feat of this magnitude due to the immense preparation and funding.


Through the principle of trickle-down technology, our cost-no-object designs ensure the even our entry level products surpass the competition. Other companies simply can’t employ our level of sophistication and experience. What this heightened focus on engineering excellence means to our customers is that only the best speaker designs attain the name badge of Von Schweikert Audio. While other companies mass produce products with greater focus on marketing at the cost of engineering, VSA singularly produces heirloom, hand crafted musical components for discerning individuals who demand only the finest. Perhaps you will be one of the lucky few?


In 1996, after having worked at some of the largest speaker companies in the USA over a 20-year period, Albert had the opportunity to start Von Schweikert Research. He was awarded Entrepreneur Of The Year in 1997 by the US Government’s SBA, who had funded the company in California and moved it to New York State to start a Job Development Program with Albert at the helm. The SBA awarded Mr. Von Schweikert the Entrepreneur Of The Year title as he had grown the $11,000,000 company with a loan of $5,000. That was a record in 1997 and perhaps still is! Four years later, after a flood crimped the NY company’s growth, Von Schweikert moved the business to California to take advantage of the manufacturing-friendly weather. Since then, Mr. Von Schweikert has grown the portfolio of Von Schweikert Audio speaker designs to its current range, with our flagship VR-11SE Mk2 ($225,000) setting the standard for “cost no object” speaker systems.

Mr. Von Schweikert’s focus has always been on accurate loudspeaker reproduction which is not limited to two-channel audio. One of the first engineers contracted with Lucas Film, Albert consulted on THX at its earliest inception. Since then, he has developed numerous award-winning home theatre systems including our current models of center and surround-speakers for home cinema lovers.

With over 30 industry awards and a veritable “Who’s Who” of famous clients, Mr. Albert Von Schweikert is THE speaker designer of choice for those who demand the World’s very best.

Web: www.vonschweikert.com