Pathos – INPOL EAR

Pathos – INPOL EAR

InPol Ear is an integrated headphone amplifier in pure Class A, with a fully balanced latest generation double InPol.

The twin match valve/headphone meets the highest quality of the sound, entrusted by the tubes with a low power demand, typical of the headphones.

Listening by headphones through this amplifier means to start a journey to search for sound fullness conveyed by InPol, which also grants a great high-end extent and a strong nature, thanks to two balanced outputs (10 W@ 16 Ohm) and 1 unbalanced output (6 W@ 16 Ohm).
Thanks to the features of its circuits, InPol Ear is an excellent fully balanced tubes pre-amplifier.

InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare – Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

Inpol devices have a special sonic personality obtainable only by means of this particular circuit design – fully balanced in Class A using a single solid state component in follower configuration, with high current gain and with voltage gain together. The valve amplifier amplifies the input signal voltage and InPol supplies the current to drive the loudspeakers without any further amplification. In this way the signal is entrusted to the valves and becomes a true copy of the original, with all the quality, purity and harmonic content of the original.

This technology allows an increase in the theoretical output in pure Class A of between 25% and 50% together with a low output impedance which is fundamental for the damping factor, and further improved by the double InPol.


Type : Reference stereo integrated amplifier for headphone Pure class A double INPOL technlogy -fully balanced and preamplifier
Output power : 32 Ω 3W 10W, 50 Ω 1,9W 6,4W, 120 Ω 800mW 2,7W, 300 Ω 320mW 1W, 600 Ω 160mW 533mW
Output impedance : Balanced 0,9 Ohm, Unbalanced 0,45 Ohm
Frequency response : 2Hz – 200KHz ± 0.5db
Input sensitivity : 2,2 VRMS
Input impedance : 100KOhm
Output polarity : Selectable by remote control
Volume regulator : 2 x Burr Brown PGA2310 (180 steps 0,5dB)
THD : 0,1% @ 11W
S/N Ratio : > 100dB
Max input voltage : 4,4VRMS
Max output voltage : Balanced 20VRMS, Unbalanced 10VRMS
Analog inputs : 1 Balanced XRL line, 4 unbalanced RCA line
Outputs : 1 Pre out stereo line RCA (pre-output phase can be selected), 1 Pre out stereo line Balanced XLR, 1 Connector for jack headphone 6,3mm, 2 Connector for 4 pin XRL
Power consumption : 110W
Dimensions Amplifier : 370mm (D) x 280mm (W) x 180mm (H)
Weight : 12,5Kg