Kubala Sosna – Fascination

Fascination cables represent the entry into our RevolutionZ™ Series, a truly high-performance collection of cables that begin to showcase the benefits of OptimiZ™ Architecture.

In the development process, these cables actually came after the discovery of our Emotion and Expression series. We challenged ourselves to find a way to offer a more cost effective product using our new geometry.  The result is a natural progression of performance from traditional designs, with a definite family sound signature of the other RevolutionZ™ Products.

The performance of these cables is very solid, with no real areas of omission – it is just that as you move up the line, the differences you begin to appreciate about these component links begin to become more and more evident.

The Fascination Ensemble … where you truly begin to Connect to the Performance™.

Analog Interconnects
Speaker Cables
Power Cords
Digital Cables