DeBaer – Saphir

DeBaer – Saphir

Diamond Among the Turntables
The SAPHIR (eng. Sapphire) turntable astonishes with its exceptional design and technology. Due to its quintuple decoupling system the vibration transmission is reduced to a minimum which renders an outstanding sonority.

A De Baer record player differs in many points from conventional record players
The bearing for the platter and the base for the tonearm are connected with the chassis through hardened steel balls. This results in maximum stiffness with minimal contact area, thus an excellent decoupling is guaranteed. What is usually fitted on one single basis, is distributed over 5 planes in the De Baer record player.

The bearing for the platter is a journal bearing with highest precision. Two magnets operate axially which results in a floating turntable. Two hard chrome plated running surfaces undertake the guidance radially. The bearing bushings are made out of porous sinter material with less than 0.01 mm clearance.The bearing housing is filled with oil in order to guarantee lifetime lubrication.

The VTA is a complex construction with analogous gauge of the position of the height which allows the adjustment during play-back.

The design hides the amount of installed components. A whole drive consists of 138 fabricated components.