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BLACK communicates the musical experience completely, reproduces music in the most accurate way possible, and is always true to the recorded event. Achieving this level of detailed playback required rethinking the way signal travels through the many stages of the electronics system. This was the challenge behind Black and the reason we took a new approach, designing a 3 chassis integrated hybrid system: multiple chassis containing specific technologies designed to work optimally together in a closed system.

Our integrated hybrid approach has 2 distinct functions. First, the ASC1 (Asynchronous System Controller) isolates noise and sends a pure optical digital audio signal to each MPS1 monoblock without loss or degradation. Second, each MPS1 receives the digital signal from the ASC1, re-clocks the data, converts the signal to analog (Mono DAC) and amplifies the signal (Mono Amplifier).

There are many unique advantages to the Black system architecture. Critical to its performance is the proximity of the DAC to the amplifier, set only 3cm apart and isolated within the MPS1. This eliminates the need for added I/O circuitry, preserves signal accuracy, and creates a more synergistic system. BLACK is a radical approach to integration, combining the best analog, digital, optical and mechanical elements to achieve the best playback possible.

Black – Integrated
Black – Control DAC
Black – The System