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Initially Kurt Baer worked in the furnishing industry where he designed technically innovative furniture for the Swiss furniture company De Sede. Furthermore he has been a Hi-Fi enthusiast with heart and soul for more than 40 years. Especially the analogous technology inspired him a lot. Therefore he often exchanged some components and was delighted with each sound improvement. During his studies and by doing several tests he found out that some technical details can be changed in such a way that the quality of the whole product could be improved. To find out whether his ideas really increase the sound quality Kurt Baer constructed a turntable accordingly to his own plans. The outcome was overwhelming because the sound quality was remarkably higher. Afterwards he even designed and constructed a complete record player in his artist’s workshop. However Kurt Baer still tried to improve the sound quality by doing test with a SME tonearm.

In 2011 Kurt Baer met Dieter Albisser, the proprietor of the Jetmax precision engineering company. Dieter Albisser is a skilled precision engineer and has several years of experience in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. In his company he produces precise items for machine engineering and develops components for the propulsion of unmanned airplanes.

Thus the combination of a man full of creative ideas and a man full of experience in construction yielded a totally innovative record player which was developed in 2013. Five prototypes were constructed which were sold out rapidly and for which Kurt Baer gained a lot of compliments. The record player was shown to the public for the first time at the High-End exhibition in 2015 in Munich. The expert audience was highly interested and therefore Kurt Baer and Dieter Albisser finally decided to bring their record player on the market. However they soon encountered a new challenge by constructing their own tonearm. In autumn 2015 the brand De Baer was founded. Furthermore many small details of the record player were improved and five more components (including the tonearm) were constructed. Finally the record player was ready to be produced in series and therefore the precious De Baer record players are produced in batch size of 10 players by the Jetmax company. Dieter Albisser produces the components in high precision and Kurt Baer does the assembling and quality control.